Geek It! Anime Fashion Spotlight: Top Five Tomoyo Hairstyles in CCS Clear Card

Cardcaptor sakura Clear Card Hen 01.mp4_snapshot_16.34

Surprise, surprise! Not so long ago, we did our Top Ten Costumes in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card as part of our Anime Fashion Spotlight feature. While Sakura Kinomoto is naturally the centre of attention in Clear Card, there is still one fashion aspect that we have yet to discuss — we’re talking about Tomoyo Daidouji’s hairstyle/s throughout Clear Card.

A clear distinction from Cardcaptor Sakura days — we cannot help but notice the variation of different hairstyles in Clear Card. To bring it full circle, CtrlGeekPod has compiled our Top Five Favourite Tomoyo Hairstyles in Clear Card! Here we go!

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Above: When Tomoyo’s hair isn’t fully down with a headband, the addition of the bow makes the hairstyle look simple but elegant. This hairstyle takes us back to the classic Cardcaptor Sakura days where Tomoyo would have a similar hairstyle when she goes to choir practice and/or performing on-stage.



Above: With the combination of loose wavy strands at the front and a loose plait (tied with a small ribbon) at the back, we dig this casual hairstyle! 


Above: It’s not often that we get to see Tomoyo in a ponytail so this is one step away from Tomoyo’s classic hairstyles! Since her hair is longer than before, Tomoyo wears this ponytail style quite regularly throughout Clear Card. With all that running around thanks to Sakura’s Cardcaptor activities, the ponytail is probably the most manageable and practical hairstyle.



Above: Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Taking a leaf out of Mei-Ling’s fashion book, this Tomoyo hairstyle gives us Mei-Ling feels, especially with the two braided buns. Combined with the fringe and loose strands at the front, it is a very cute hairstyle for Tomoyo. We approve!


Above: Without a doubt, this hairstyle gets our #1 vote for Tomoyo’s best hairstyle! With an intricate braid at the back of her head and tied with yellow ribbons, no wonder this hairstyle won our hearts. It’s pretty, cute, and elegant at the same time — very fitting for our Tomoyo! 

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  1. the person who wrote this talks like tomoyo lol


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