Geek It! Animation Flashback: Cyberchase (2002)

Using mathematics to save the universe from ultimate destruction — why not? In this Animation Spotlight, we will be doing a #Throwback to the one and only ….CYBERCHASE

Growing up, we enjoyed watching animated shows with educational and entertainment values. Throwing back to one of our childhood faves, Canadian-American animated series CYBERCHASE definitely met this edutainment genre. Since 2002, Cyberchase has grown to a total of twelve seasons (and counting) and it is not surprising to see why it has become successful.

Cyberchase revolves around three ordinary Earth children — Jackie, Matt, and Inez. When they accidentally allow villain ‘Hacker’ access to Motherboard (aka the protector and ruler of Cyberspace), Motherboard becomes severely weakened by Hacker’s virus.

Even Motherboard’s technician scientist, Dr Marbles, had trouble preventing the virus and rebooting the system. But before he could find a resolution, Hacker kidnaps Dr Marbles as well, leaving Motherboard no choice but to ask for outsiders’ assistance.

Forcing the Earth kids into the universe of Cyberspace, they travel across various planets with Digit to stop Hacker and his evil plans until Motherboard gets back to full strength. Using a combination of teamwork and problem-solving skills, the Hacker and his lackeys have got nothing on them!

One of the things that we love about Cyberchase is that it aims to show that anyone can be good at maths, and that math can be used in different ways in the real world — not just to ‘solve’ math problems in school. To have the ability to encourage kids to approach math with confidence and a can-do attitude, this is definitely a tick in our books.

Do you remember CYBERCHASE?  Relive your memories with Episode one below! 

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