Geek It! Otaku Out and About: Harry Potter Exhibition and Mahou Dokoro in Akasaka, Japan

Now, it is every Harry Potter fan’s dream to go to Britain and United States to visit all things Harry Potter. But for those who don’t know, the Harry Potter hype is BIG in Japan.

Here at CtrlGeekPod, we are hardcore Potterheads. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to visit Universal Studios during our recent Japan trip. But we didn’t let that deter us!

We ultimately decided to go on another Harry Potter adventure — one that not many Harry Potter fans know of. And we’re talking about visiting the one and only Akasaka in Tokyo. And boy, what a great alternative way to satisfy our inner Potter geek!

When you get off Akasaka train station, you will hear John Williams’ infamous Hedwig’s Theme playing on the loudspeaker. Just hearing the theme immediately triggered our emotions and excitement, and we instantly felt at home.

As you walk towards the end of the station area, you will soon walk right into an open exhibition featuring a giant statue of the Time Turner. On both sides of the Time Turner statue, you will see random portraits on the walls as if you’re in Hogwarts castle.

For those who live or work in Akasaka, it’s just another themed exhibition. But for tourists like us, it was pretty cool how this exhibition was attached to a train station. Only in Japan, right?

And the most brilliant thing about visiting Akasaka was that it was not packed at all. In other words, more time to enjoy the scenic view and take photos!

When your little adventure is done at the exhibition area, you can head over to the Harry Potter Mahou Dokoro shop. Here, you can check out the Harry Potter displays and of course, spend your money on all sorts of HP memorabilia and merchandise.

[Note: If you can’t go to Akasaka, don’t be sad! You can always check out the Harry Potter Mahou Dokoro pop-up shop located in Tokyo Station for last-minute purchases!]

From bags to plushies to stationery, there were so many items to choose from! We couldn’t buy everything but we ended up getting a Slytherin tie and a Ravenclaw bag. The best thing is — we didn’t have to go all the way to Osaka!

You can also have a little photoshoot with your trolley at Platform 9 3/4 without any judgement from Muggles — like, why not?

[TIP: When you arrive in Akasaka, make sure you head over to Mahou Dokoro asap. You need to register your interest by scanning a QR code in which you are then allocated a certain time slot — do not wait too late in the afternoon or you will miss out! ]

When you’re done at Mahou Dokoro, you can walk out the back way and see another nice photo spot. Rest in peace Hedwig and Professor Dumbledore.

What do you think of the Harry Potter exhibition space and Mahou Dokoro shop? Let us know your thoughts!

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