Geek It! Animation Flashback: Monk Little Dog

Till this day, we love a good animation short that has great entertainment value — even if there is no purpose behind the cartoon. In our latest animation feature, we want to share our love for … MONK LITTLE DOG. 

Produced by Samg Animation back in 2009, this French-Korean CGI animated show was one of the first few Korean animations that hit Australia.

Our leading protagonist is Monk, a cheerful but unlucky dog. When he isn’t out and about doing his everyday normal things, he is always trying to get the attention of his love interest, Kimmy. Unfortunately, not all goes to plan, especially when his arch nemesis, Ding, is in the picture. 

For an animation targeted at children, the cartoon doesn’t contain lame or punny humour (not that the characters speak anyway). In fact, the humour in Monk Little Dog is more of an “animefied” humour. How is it animefied, you might ask? 

With its injection of comic-style illustration and our protagonist spouting Dragon Ball-style reactions, Monk Little Dog easily passes as an anime short. Making us laugh to our heart’s content, this animation will definitely strike a chord with Japanese animation fans. Besides, who can say no to a cartoon with a cute but passive-aggressive dog?

Check out the clips below to find out why we love Monk! 

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