Geek It! Anime Spotlight: Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama


He can be the calm-collected brother that everyone can rely on. He can be your highly eccentric teacher with eight legs. And of course, he can also be the leader of his own rebellion army vowing for world domination. Do these characters add up? In this anime spotlight, we will be featuring … JUN FUKUYAMA.

Believe it or not, Japanese voice actor Jun Fukuyama kicked off his career back in 1998. Playing minor and fan-favourite roles including Bleach‘s Yumichika Ayasegaw and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu’s Issei Tsubaki, it is hard to believe that he will later end up being Code Geass’s main protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge. 

Immersed in the role with perfect charisma, madness, and rebellious sassiness, Fukuyama’s portrayal of Lelouch is unforgettable. After one Code Geass episode, you can truly tell that this role was destined for Fukuyama. 

And of course, his iconic role as Lelouch won him ‘Best Actor in Leading Role’ at the first Seiyuu Awards in 2007. From there on, Fukuyama has gone on to provide his voice for an array of distinct characters.

Such roles include Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist), Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom), Ichimatsu (Osomatsu-san), Misaki Yata (K), Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHOLiC), and Joker (Persona 5). Yes …. the voice-actor behind Koro-Sensei is also Code Geass’s Lelouch?!

In addition to anime voice-acting, Fukuyama has also done voice-acting for video games (Super Smash Bros, Tales of the World) and Japanese dubbing for movies (Harry Potter, High School Musical).  

Of course, that’s still not enough for him. Fukuyama recently made his music debut in 2017 with three released singles ‘Keep Going On’ , ‘Tight Rope’ and ‘Dis-communicate‘, along with two albums ‘OWL‘ and ‘PoP -PERS of Persons‘. Fukuyama is sure a busy man! 

We can sit here all day fangirling about Jun Fukuyama — we hope you like our spam below! 

— ENDS —

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