Geek It! Anime Couple Spotlight: Romeo x Juliet

A boy and a girl from two rivalling families. Tragically dubbed as star-crossed lovers. Yes, it is one of Literature’s classic masterpieces — Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Hold on, Shakespeare and anime…?

In this Anime Couple Spotlight, we feature one of our favourite anime couples of all time: ROMEO x JULIET.

Romeo x Juliet (2007) might be based on Shakespeare’s story of the same name but it is not Romeo and Juliet as you know it. With the land of Neo Verona reimagined in a fantasy-medieval context, the story is action-packed with adolescent rebellion, family drama, and of course, romance.

On one fateful day, Leontes Montague and his men led a coup and murdered all members of House Capulet. Only Lord Capulet’s young daughter, Juliet, managed to escape. Fourteen years later, Leontes rules the land with everyone bowing to him. Juliet, now sixteen, decides to fight against House Montague’s oppression as the masked vigilante ‘The Red Whirlwind’. While attending the Rose Ball hosted by the Montagues, Juliet meets the Montagues’ son, Romeo. And from that fateful evening, Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight.

Sharing similar values and ideals about the world, both Romeo and Juliet face many challenges and adventures together in secret. But with the world and their respective families against them, this made their newfound relationship difficult to blossom and nurture.

Yet, nothing can hinder their love. With the world literally on the cusp of destruction, the world’s fate lies in Romeo and Juliet’s hands. Will Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet and Romeo Candorebanto Montague find happiness one day?

This reinvention of Romeo and Juliet may not amuse many viewers but we personally believe that this adaptation is beautifully animated and filled with beautiful aesthetics. With depth and intricate consideration towards the original concept, Romeo x Juliet brings Shakespeare’s story to life in a way we didn’t think it was possible to do so.

We must say, this anime adaptation truly demonstrates how a timeless story can transcend beyond English Literature and over to the world of Japanese animation.

Do you remember Romeo x Juliet the anime? Let us know in the comments below!

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