Geek It! Anime Couple Spotlight: Risa Koizumi X Atsushi Otani

In this Anime Couple Spotlight, we want to feature one of our favourite rom-com anime couples of all time: Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani from LOVELY★COMPLEX.

Generally, we love a good rom-com with polar opposite personalities. After all, opposite attract. So when we are introduced to a romantic series – Lovely★Complex – with a leading male and female character who are on the same wave-length, you’d think it would be an ultimate match made in heaven.

However, there is one problem — Risa Koizumi is 172cm tall and Atsushi Otani is 156cm. Because of their unusual height differences, the pair immediately gets dubbed the ‘All Hanshin Kyojin’ after a popular comedy duo that is in a similar boat.

Just for love, Risa and Atsushi decides to put aside their hate differences and help each other hook up with their love interests. But to their dismay, their love interests end up becoming an actual couple and they once again become miserable. But as Risa and Atsushi get to know each other better, their feelings begin to blossom.

Both Risa and Atsushi may not be the most intelligent people but they’re both silly, idiotic, and carefree when they’re goofing around together. Their undeniable chemistry is obvious especially when they’re at a gaming arcade or talking about their favourite musician, Umibozu.

When it comes to feelings and love in general, they’re also the same — naive, jealous, dense, shy and embarrassed to open up about their feelings. After a series of events, misunderstandings and running around in circles with their feelings, will they ever end up together?

Without a doubt, Lovely★Complex is one-of-a-kind romance anime. Unlike other anime, Lovely★Complex deals with sensitive issues such as being physically different from others.

But the most important thing is to accept yourself for who you are and let others love you for who you are.

Do you like Risa and Atsushi as a couple? Let us know in the comments below!

— END —

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