Geek It! Animation Spotlight: Jane and the Dragon (2005)


We love female protagonists with a bit of grit and a mind of their own. We also love fiery dragons too. So what if we combine both concepts together? In this Animation Spotlight, we will be doing a #Throwback to the one and only …. JANE AND THE DRAGON. 

Based on the books by Martin Baynton, Jane and the Dragon is a Canadian-New Zealander CGI animated series. Directed by Mike Fallows and motion-capture directed by Peter Salmon, the series is co-produced by Weta Workshop in New Zealand and Nelvana Limited in Canada.

(Just a bit of fun trivia — The people behind Weta Workshop is the very same people behind the incredible props and special effects in Lord of the Rings, Xena, Hercules, Thor: Ragnarok and Blade Runner 2049.)

Set in the eighth-ninth century, Jane and the Dragon revolves around Jane and a talking 300-year-old dragon. According to the opening theme song, Jane was training to become a lady-in-waiting but had always dreamed of becoming a knight.


When the Prince gets kidnapped by a dragon, Jane sets out to slay the beast. However, upon meeting the dragon, Jane ends up befriending him. Recognising her bravery and courage, the King makes her a knight apprentice. 

Besides the catchy opening theme song, we absolutely love this animated series as a whole. There aren’t many animations out there with dragons, let alone cartoons with a medieval/fantasy context. Besides undertaking knight duties and training sessions, each episode shows Jane interacting with the castle’s residents including Pepper the castle cook, Jester the royal jester, and her rival Gunther. 


When Jane isn’t busy, she spends most of her free time exploring tunnels, studying Dragon Runes, and helping Dragon uncover the secrets of his ancestry. The best part about this series is not just the bond between Jane and Dragon — but Jane herself. For a female protagonist back in the ’00s, Jane is a delightful character to watch. She’s young, carefree, mischievous, and tries her best to tackle problems on her own. She’s definitely a girl-power treasure! 

To be honest, Jane and the Dragon is a rather refreshing and avant garde story of its time. And you know Jane and the Dragon was good, especially if the show got nominated for Best Animated Television Production at the 2007 Annie Awards. 


Do you remember Jane and the Dragon? You can relive your memories with some #Throwback episodes below! 

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