[DVD] Anime Review: Samurai Flamenco (Pt 1)



Masayoshi Hazama was just an average model attempting to break into the Hollywood scene. But behind his noble composure lies a huge secret — Masayoshi is secretly a superhero geek. Obsessed with all things superheroes, Masayoshi actually owns a secret room filled with superhero DVDs, figurines and costumes. But that is not all of his secret. Inspired by the most famous superhero ‘Red Axe’, Masayoshi fulfils his childhood dream by transforming into a self-proclaimed hero. Overlooking the city day and night, this wannabe protects civilians from danger and righting wrongs done by ignorant city-goers. In the name of justice, Masayoshi is none other than the one and only …. SAMURAI FLAMENCO.

With a brush of old-school action and modern flare, Samurai Flamenco is a contemporary take on the Japanese superhero genre that will enthrall geeky fans. Complete with superhero phrases and gadgets in the form of office supplies, Samurai Flamenco is the foolish yet trustworthy superhero that has taken the city by storm.

As Masayoshi’s popularity rises, he encounters friends who support his cause including police officer Hidenori Goto, idol Mari Maya, inventor Jun Harazuka and even his superhero idol Kaname Joji (Red Axe). But of course, the perks of being a superhero comes with positive and negative highlights. Not only do his enemies increase, but Masayoshi is also in danger of having his identity revealed to the public. And it certainly doesn’t help when a bounty is placed on his head every week!

Inspired by Japan’s Ultraman and Power Rangers, Samurai Flamenco isn’t all about the superficial superhero spectacle that we see on the frontline. As we progress through the narrative, the show increasingly becomes more fascinating, proving our hesitance wrong with the show’s direction. Day by day, both Masayoshi and Goto comes face to face with the advantages and hardships of being crime-fighters. Living in a city corrupted by greed and wrong-doers, the show offers an insightful look into the current status of the world and questioning hard-hitting concepts such as justice and order. What does it truly mean to be a hero of justice? Is there any point to lecture wrong-doers? Should amateur superheroes leave the job to the police? 

Just when the audience was settling into the exhilarating flow of action, Samurai Flamenco throws a bombshell with episode 7 — a pinnacle point in the story in which displays a dramatic shift in storytelling. Deviating from action-comedy to an eccentric combination of sci-fi and macabre horror, fans will be absorbed by the series’ unforeseen 180° metamorphosis.

Not only does Masayoshi learn a dark secret about his past but new villains have suddenly appeared in the city. These aren’t ordinary villains — we’re talking monsters from outer space created by a treacherous organisation called ‘Torture’.

Declaring their vengeance on society, Torture is demanding civilians to surrender to the dark side. Threatening the safety of those close to him, it is up to Samurai Flamenco to protect the city more than ever. But will it end up being too much for Masayoshi to the point that he reveals his identity?

Creating a jarring aura of shock and confusion, the show’s flawless transition from one genre to another should be praised. The audience has no choice but to tag along with the story and its bizarre twists — and boy, are we in for a wild rollercoaster adventure from thereon out. 

Despite the show’s serious nature, Samurai Flamenco still manages to be a well-executed narrative that never fails to lose its sense of humour and lively energy. Although we would love more development between Masayoshi and Goto, each character in the show brings something unique and geeky to the table, and together they become a stronger force than before.

It may seem like fun and games but Samurai Flamenco‘s novelty soon becomes out of hand in the lead up to the finale of Part 1. Not only is the entire world in chaos, but there are now more than one amateur superhero vying for the spotlight. What will happen next for our beloved Samurai Flamenco? You will need to watch the show yourself!

Overall: For fans of superheroes, SAMURAI FLAMENCO is the perfect geek escape filled with comedy, action and villains beyond our imagination. The audience assume it knows everything about Samurai Flamenco but when the show unexpectedly throws a curveball, it will change your perspective on the show forever. With Samurai Flamenco Part 1 left on a cliffhanger, the audience is ecstatic (and weary) for what’s to come in the near future. Bring on the action! 

Rating: 9/10


1 Comment on [DVD] Anime Review: Samurai Flamenco (Pt 1)

  1. The Otaku Judge // September 26, 2016 at 6:49 am // Reply

    The first few episodes deserve a 9/10, but after a while things get too silly for its own good.


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