Geek It! Anime Jukebox Spotlight: Attack on Titan


In this Anime Jukebox Spotlight, we will be featuring the music openings and endings of… ATTACK ON TITAN.

There is no denial that Attack on Titan was a true phenomenon back in 2013 — and still is. Attack on Titan is well-renowned for many things. The characters; the storytelling; the animation; the soundtrack; the hype; the legion of hardcore fans … but most of all, Attack on Titan is best known for its opening theme songs.

For most anime fans, opening theme songs always contribute to one’s first impressions of an anime. The opening should at least set up the main context and characters, and illustrate the vibe of the anime. And this is exactly what Attack on Titan has done. 


And to honour Attack on Titan‘s legacy, let’s look at its infamous openings. We hope you enjoy this #Throwback!

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SEASON 1 Opening 1: LINKED HORIZON / Guren no Yumiya

Anime openings tend to be either pop, hip hop, rock, rap — you name it. So when we first watched Attack on Titan‘s first opening, we were completely thrown by it. Besides the montage of macabre gore and action scenes, this opening truly hypes the audience for what is to come in the series.

Just based on one viewing of Linked Horizon’s Guren no Yumiya, the opening tells us that Attack on Titan will unleash an operatic storytelling of some kind. The opening feels majestic, chaotic, explosive — we can already tell that the anime will be thrilling.

Hands down, this is without a doubt one of the best ‘anthem’ songs in anime history.

Season 1 Opening 2: LINKED HORIZON / Jiyū no Tsubasa 

At this stage, you can tell Attack on Titan is pretty much its own genre when it comes to anime openings.

Personally, Jiyu no Tsubasa is probably the most underrated opening in the series. Although this opening does feature a slower tempo in various parts of the song, the song slowly builds up the action and intensity in which perfectly mirrors the storytelling. With the background choir, instrumental riffs, and mesmerising visuals, Attack on Titan has once again impressed us with its second opening. 

SEASON 2 Opening 1: LINKED HORIZON / Shinzou wo Sasageyo!

Waiting for a new Attack on Titan opening is like waiting for another season of the series. With this third opening, this audience can almost taste the highly anticipated war between humans and titans. One by one, the scouts prepare to lay it all on the line — will they finally win this war? 

Linked Horizon has once again nailed the brief — Shinzou wo Sasageyo is another masterpiece. Just like the previous two openings, the opening uses a bunch of visual montages and aesthetic colours such as gray, black, red and brown. The song is quite catchy and filled with patriotic spirit — it’s hard not to chant “Sasageyo!”

Season 3 Opening 1: YOSHIKI featuring Hyde / Red Swan

After three openings by Linked Horizon, Attack on Titan breaks the traditional streak with Yoshiki and Hyde’s Red Swan.

Red Swan is a beautiful ballad filled with sorrow, nostalgia, and hope. Putting ourselves in the characters’ shoes, it feels as if the end is almost here — yet it is not. As they keep running towards the unknown, they know they need to overcome the obstacles in order to see what is beyond the sea. 

Season 3 Opening 2: LINKED HORIZON / Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi

So Linked Horizon finally returns to the Attack on Titan franchise. But hold on…. doesn’t this song sound familiar?

As if they don’t know which opening to use, it looks like Linked Horizon has subconsciously (or purposely) decided to use a combination of their songs in this new opening. Although the visuals aren’t as epic as the other openings, it sure likes to tease us about the mysterious basement.  

Although Attack on Titan‘s ending theme songs aren’t as good and popular as the opening songs, we still want to acknowledge them. Here we go!  

Season 1 Ending 1: YOKO HIKASA / Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai

For this song to be the first ending theme, Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai is quite dramatic and visually bleak (in a good way). And also, we should note that it is actually interesting to see Mikasa as the ‘main’ focus in this ending rather than Eren. 

Season 1 Ending 2: CINEMA STAFF / Great Escape

Great Escape is probably our least favourite ending theme song. The song isn’t bad — it just doesn’t strike our feelings the way the other Attack on Titan endings do.

SEASON 2 Ending 1: SHINSEI KAMATTECHAN / Yuugure no Tori

With the ominous visuals and eerie vocals, this ending gives us goosebumps. We can only wonder what the future will hold for our characters…

SEASON 3 Ending 1: LINKED HORIZON / Akatsuki no Requiem

Finally, Attack on Titan has a Linked Horizon ending song! While Akatsuki no Requiem is not over-the-top like their opening songs, this is definitely one of our favourite endings. Focussing on Historia’s past and the future ahead of them, this is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. 

Season 3 Ending 2: CINEMA STAFF / Name of Love

When we first watched this ending, the song had a strong message for everyone: enjoy your life while you can as you’ll never know when you will die.

To see the empty dorm room featured as the ending’s last scene, we can’t help choking back our tears. These kids were young and filled with hope for the future. But to be honest, most of them ain’t coming back. And for those who manage to survive, their lives won’t be the same ever again. 

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