Geek It! Gaming / Fashion: Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning strikes a pose in Louis Vuitton’s campaign


Taking things to the next level in her pathway to world domination, Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning is now modelling for french fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Labelling Lightning as a ‘genuine heroine’, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere recently shared a snippet of the campaign titled “Series 4”. Featuring the sword-wielding heroine modelling the brand’s latest high-end outfits, this collaboration between Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix’s Visual Works was created especially for the fashion powerhouse.


While many of us can’t exactly afford Louis Vuitton, you can see these clothes (modelled by Lightning) previously worn at the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show back in October.

This isn’t the first time when gaming meets fashion. Back in 2012, Japanese men’s fashion mag Arena Homme Plus actually featured Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters modeling Prada’s summer collection (including Lightning herself).

What do you guys think of Lightning’s latest fashion gig? Let us know in the comments below!




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