[DVD] Anime Review: Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 1 (Eps 1-24)


SAILOR MOON was the epitome of every ’90s kid’s childhood. For many fans in Australia, we grew up watching dubbed Sailor Moon on Cheez TV, and it would be the talk of the day amongst boys and girls. After many years of unavailability, Madman Entertainment has finally released the uncut version of SAILOR MOON (SEASON 1) starting with episodes 1-24.

Sailor Moon follows the story of fourteen-year-old Usagi Tsukino who encounters a mysterious black cat named Luna who gives her the power to transform into a Sailor Guardian. Titled ‘Sailor Moon’ — also known as the ‘defender of love and justice’ — Usagi is given the task of finding other Sailor Guardians, plus the Moon Princess and the legendary Silver Crystal. Fighting evil by day and moonlight, Usagi and her friends’ lives can never be the same again. With Queen Beryl and her minions in the way, can the Sailor Scouts overthrow evil and find the Silver Crystal in time?

screenshot_5_31558Setting standards for predecessors of the magical girl genre since the ’90s, a majority of Sailor Moon revolves around the Sailor Scouts intervening with Dark Kingdom’s plans. Against the cutesy shoujo backdrop, dark times lie ahead for Usagi and her friends as we see the Dark Kingdom sending demons to Earth in order to steal energy for the Negaverse.  

But the series isn’t just about fighting evil and saving the world from destruction. As trivial as it sounds, Sailor Moon also captures the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl. From being obsessed with stardom to dealing with issues such as dieting, failing in school, and learning the essence of ‘love’, the teenage dramas and lessons explored in Sailor Moon are always a delight to watch.

Leading this show is none other than our protgaonist, Usagi. Unlike other series that tend to portray leading female characters as screenshot_4_31557invincible and ‘tsundere’-mannered, Usagi is just like any other fourteen-year-old girl. Despite her clumsiness and cry-baby nature, the audience still loves Usagi for who she is, and how she develops as a character throughout the story.

The story of Sailor Moon might have been produced in the ’80s/’90s but Sailor Moon was certainly ahead of its time. Proving girl-power exists, the show strongly empowers the idea that it is not necessary for a man to save the day every single time. Besides, when you have the power to magically transform into a Sailor Scout in a mesmerising manner, nothing is better than looking incredibly beautiful and being powerfully badass at the same time.

screenshot_2_31555DVD Extras: Considering Sailor Moon was originally aired in the ’90s, Madman Entertainment has done fantastic job at re-mastering the quality to suit modern viewers’ expectations.

In this special release, we are blessed with not only an uncut version of the original sub but an all-new English dub as well. No matter which version you watch, it’s just as good as the other version — although we can’t help but watch the English dub just to relive some childhood feels and memories.

To commemorate the new dub, Madman’s Sailor Moon DVD presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new voice cast. Featuring Stephanie Sheh (Usagi Tsukino) and Robbie Desmond (Tuxedo Mask), fans will get an insightful look into the voice-dubbing process, and how these actors approach the characters in their own way. Although the new dub can never replace the ’90s DiC version in our hearts, this version is just as good which will bring back plenty of memories. 

Overall: Madman Entertainment’s uncut release of SAILOR MOON (Season screenshot_6_315591; Part 1) offers the classic show a chance to shine once more in today’s modern era.

Best known for its knack in storytelling, magical girl elements, character development and quality animation, Sailor Moon will always impress fans no matter how many times we watch it. If you still haven’t got Sailor Moon in your anime collection yet, we highly recommend you to begin your collection!

Rating: 9/10

SAILOR MOON (Season 1; Part 1) and SAILOR MOON (Season 1; Part 1) LIMITED EDITION is now on sale. You can view more info on Madman Entertainment’s site [here]

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