Geek It! Animation Flashback: Angela Anaconda

Remember a show about a kooky girl with a thirst for wild imagination? And she, along with everyone else, was made out of …paper cut-outs? In this Animation Flashback, we are embarking on a wild trip back to one of our fave ’90s animations: ANGELA ANACONDA.

From the creator behind Pepper Ann and Sleepover Club, Angela Anaconda is another girl-power creation formed by Sue Rose (and Joanna Ferrone).

Angela Anaconda is an animated series that ran for three seasons with a total of 65 episodes. Originally formed as a series of shorts for Nickelodeon, Angela Anaconda shot to fame when Decode Entertainment and C.O.R.E Digital Pictures turned the story into an actual series. From 1999 to 2001, Angela Anaconda provided memorable entertainment for kids of the late ’90s and early ’00s generation — so memorable that we still remember the catchy jingle introduction.

Just like any normal kid, Angela lives in Tapwater Springs with her parents; two idiotic older twin brothers; and her adorable baby sister Lulu. But when you get to really know Angela and her three closest friends (Johnny Abatti, Gina Lash, and Gordy Rhinehart), life is never boring.

Straying away from typical cliques and femininity, Angela is literally the coolest girl of her age. Voiced by Sue Rose herself, Angela is a highly witty and sarcastic girl who often goes against the grain and lives life by her own rules.

On a daily basis, we see Angela and her friends clashing with their arch-nemesis Nanette Manoir and their not-so-fair teacher Mrs. Brinks. In almost every episode, Angela seeks vengeance on both Nanette and Mrs Brinks through the power of her imagination. Whether it be tossing them into the ocean, getting eaten by something, or turning into random things; it is always a treat to get a voyeuristic insight into Angela’s mind and her ridiculous creativity.

One of the most unique things about Angela Anaconda is the series’ peculiar art direction and cut-out animation style. Using cut-outs of photographs and utilising Elastic Reality software to superimpose certain features onto bodies and backgrounds, this retro animation was definitely one of a kind.

The show is quirky, eccentric, and it probably freaked out the younger version of us back then. With such uniqueness, it was no shocker that the show earned numerous awards and nominations including the BAFTA Awards (2002) and Annie Awards (2001).

With lots of laughs and crazy drama — what’s not to like about Angela Anaconda? Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

And also, if you’re keen, here’s a cool video that gives a brief rundown on Angela Anaconda‘s animation process:

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