Geek It! Anime Couple Spotlight: Yoshino Takigawa X Aika Fuwa


In our next ‘Anime Couple Spotlight’, we will be featuring an anime couple that is not your typical rom-com couple. With every exchanged word and action, this couple’s chemistry is a gripping magnetic force that pulls you in so alluringly. We’re talking about Yoshino Takigawa and Aika Fuwa from BLAST OF TEMPEST.

Long story short, Aika Fuwa is Mahiro Fuwa’s adopted sister. Mahiro has feelings for Aika but he is unsure about the extent of his feelings, and what he wants to do with his feelings. In the end, he decides to settle the issue by treating Aika as a sister. Then we have Yoshino Takigawa. Yoshino and Mahiro has an odd history. Due to Mahiro’s unfriendly nature and rich-kid status, he isn’t liked by his classmates, including Yoshino.

An incident happens and Yoshino is somehow roped into being ‘friends’ with Mahiro from elementary to high school. Little does Mahiro know that Yoshino is secretly dating Aika behind his back — imagine his reaction if he finds out!


In the presence of others, both Yoshino and Aika put on a hate banter performance to disguise their feelings and relationship. Not only does it make a challenging game, but it just makes it easy without having to deal with Mahiro.

Bike-riding, picnics, aquarium dates… Behind closed doors, they’re like your everyday sweet and loving couple. With Aika’s intelligent and overpowering nature, Yoshino often acted shy and flustered towards her. However, Aika knows that Yoshino is just as calculating as her, and how he is capable of turning the tides into his favour.

Both Aika and Yoshino were destined to be together and nothing was going to be in their way. Well, except for what’s to come.


[Spoiler Alert]

Aika ends up dying in a horrible ‘murder’ and both boys are unable to move on due to the sudden nature of everything. Unlike Mahiro who is focused on revenge, Yoshino is forced to be pokerface as no-one knows about his relationship with Aika.

Even long after her death, Yoshino stayed loyal to Aika while knowing Hakaze’s feelings for him. And it was because of his deep feelings for Aika, Yoshino was able to manipulate a situation in which Aika’s death would not end up as a tragedy.

Yoshino clearly loved Aika dearly and he never overcame her death. Feeling hurt and frustrated, Yoshino was upset that he had no say in any of Aika’s decisions, let alone given the chance to say goodbye to her. 

Did you like Yoshino and Aika as a couple? As part of our appreciation post, we hope you enjoy our Yoshino x Aika spam below! 



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