Geek It! Animation Flashback: Planet Sketch

Farting horses. Not-so-intelligent dinosaurs. Wannabe gangsters in the hood. For all the ’90s and ’00s kids out there, do these images ring a bell? Here’s a #Throwback to one of our all-time favourite animation series — PLANET SKETCH.

Produced by Aardman Animations (Chicken Run, Flushed Away) and Decode Entertainment, Planet Sketch is a British-Canadian animated television series that aired between 2005 and 2008 with a total of 39 episodes.

Planet Sketch is exactly what it suggests — a series of random comical sketches. From the opening sketch featuring Olivia the Nose Picker to Ninja Handyman to Dr. Inosaur who likes to eat his patients, it has a variation of sketches (in both 2D and 3D animation) that appeals to all viewers.

The overall concept might seem basic and the sketches might be over-the-top with its lame antics and eccentricity, but the show always succeeded in making us laugh. With such a simple goal under its belt, this show enabled viewers to immerse ourselves in a world of quirky humour and farting noises (like, a lot of farting noises).

Do you remember PLANET SKETCH ? Let’s relive your memory with a few clips! 

— ENDS —

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