Geek It! Anime Jukebox Spotlight: Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)

Hunter x Hunter

In this Anime Jukebox Spotlight, we will be featuring the music openings and endings of… HUNTER X HUNTER (2011 – 2014).

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is considered one of the best shonen series in the last decade and it is not hard to see why. Great story arcs, great shonen action, and great animation by Madhouse — what’s not to like about HxH anime? 

As we all know, an anime is not complete without its OPs and EDs. And Hunter x Hunter is definitely a prime example of having a rather unique compilation of openings and endings. When we say ‘unique’, we are referring to Hunter x Hunter having one opening throughout the entire series. 

Hunter x Hunter’s opening theme, ‘Departure!‘, is alternated with another version of the song titled ‘Departure! (Second Version)’. Sung by Galneryus’s vocalist Masatoshi Ono, this opening song oddly gets better every time you hear it.

For a song that was used for 148 episodes, you’d think we get tired of the song — but not at all. As you listen to the iconic song, you can’t help yelling “YOU JUST TRY AGAIN!” or “YOU CAN SMILE AGAIN!”. 

And to honour Hunter x Hunter’s legacy, let’s look at HxH’s OPs and EDs. We hope you enjoy this #Throwback!

* * * * * * *

Opening 1: Departure!

The first opening of any anime series should always make a good impression on the viewer. This Hunter x Hunter opening might look like a basic shonen anime for kids but we must warn you — if you haven’t already watched HxH — you’re going to be in for a crazy ride.

Opening 2: Departure!

Although this second opening presents a slight change in its sequence of graphics, it still doesn’t give much away at all. Besides seeing our main characters running towards the unknown and fighting enemies, this OP also introduces a bunch of characters that we will later encounter in the arc. 

Opening 3: Departure!

Again, we don’t see much change in this third opening. However, we do see more character snippets and action scenes featuring our favourite Phantom Troupe spiders. Exciting times lie ahead!

Opening 4: Departure!

Finally! This Hunter x Hunter opening strays away from the format presented in the first three openings. Despite the same song again, the video presents a good change up — retro aesthetics, new action sequences, and a proper shonen vibe. Unlike previous openings, this opening reveals more about the upcoming story arc (Greed Island arc). 

Opening 5: Departure!

With the darker tone, backdrops, and characters engaging in intense battles, we know this particular arc (Chimera arc) will feature a darker plot than ever before. Personally, it is our favourite opening video.

Opening 6: Departure!

Again, another opening with a darker tone. Just based on this opening, we know it will focus on Gon’s Dad, Gin, and Killua’s sister, Alluka. What will the future hold for the Hunter x Hunter gang? 


But wait! we still haven’t gotten to Hunter x Hunter‘s endings yet!


Don’t worry, Hunter x Hunter has more than one ending theme song, and boy, did this first ending deliver. At first, we didn’t know what to expect so when this ending came along in which sounds and even looks like an actual opening video, we were very impressed. Two thumbs up! 

Ending 2: Hunting For Your Dream/ GALNERYUS

Ending theme songs rarely succeed its predecessor. However, in this case, we only have one word for this ending theme — wow!

Whenever the episode came to an end in a suspenseful or highly anticipated moment, this ’80s anime-style song will no doubt fuel hype and adrenalin for the next episode to come. We have so much love for this ending!

Ending 3: Reason / YUZU

Compared to the previous ending songs, this ending gives off a positive and nostalgic vibe. It makes us reflect on Gon and Killua’s unique friendship, and the fun times that they’ve shared as they train to become stronger.

Ending 4: Nagareboshi Kirari / YUZU

This is YUZU’s second ending for Hunter x Hunter series. As you can see, this ending is very sombre — a sad yet beautiful masterpiece. With all the chaotic events that took place during this arc, the song hits you in the feels by making us reflect on the sad and bittersweet moments of Hunter x Hunter.

Ending 5: Hyori Ittai / YUZU

Just when we thought YUZU cannot impress us even more, he returns with another perfect ending theme song for Hunter x Hunter. Thinking back to this events of this arc, the transition into this song upon finishing an episode felt so good back then. 

Finale Conclusion / Ending 6: Hyori Ittai / YUZU

Rehashing YUZU’s Hyori Ittai, this ending theme has a nostalgic vibe, especially with the gang’s photograph in the end. We can only hope Hunter x Hunter anime will return in the near future …. 


— ENDS — 

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