Geek It! Anime Fashion Spotlight: Top Ten Costumes in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card arc


CARDCAPTOR SAKURA is no stranger when it comes to costume designs. In the original Cardcaptor Sakura series, almost every episode featured Sakura Kinomoto wearing a costume designed and made by none other than her best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is no different, and naturally, it would be a waste if we don’t offer our thoughts on the costume designs. So here we go — here is our TOP TEN Cardcaptor Sakura costumes throughout the Clear Card arc:


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Costume #10: Action Card 
Episode 4: Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student


Above: This lotus-inspired costume is simple and traditional. Although it is a beautiful costume, we’re not too fond of the design. With its long sleeves and long dress-skirt, it is not exactly a wise costume tailored for battle or capturing cards.

Costume #9: Mirage Card 
Episode 15: Sakura, the Shrine and the Zoo

Above: Yes, we are aware that Sakura wears this outfit during an outing with her friends. However, it ended up being a valid costume for Sakura to capture the ‘Mirage’ card! We love her baggy pants and laced boots, and coupled with the vest and white shirt, it can do no wrong in our eyes. And also, she sports a wavy hairstyle, thanks to Meiling. 

Costume #8: Blaze card
Episode 18: Sakura, the Fire and Water Bird

Above: This is a sharp, fiery-inspired costume. However, at the same time, we have mixed feelings about it. Perhaps it is the baggy pants and the odd addition of the belt that makes the costume a bit disjointed? Personally, we would have preferred to see a red/white puffy skirt or even a fiery-patterned skirt. We do love the top and hair accessory though! 

Costume #7: Siege Card
Episode 2: Sakura and the Room with No Exit


Above: Complete with pink, ribbons, gloves and beret, this ‘Siege’ costume brings back plenty of nostalgic memories from the old-school Cardcaptor Sakura days. Besides, pink costumes always bring out Sakura’s green eyes!

Costume #6: Reversal Card
Episode 11: Sakura and the Upside-Down Penguin

Above: This chic circus-inspired outfit makes Sakura look like a ringmaster on the field, especially when she is taking on a mysterious power that is turning everything upside-down in the park. And the fact that the costume looks exactly like the giant penguin in the park (which holds many fun memories) certainly win points from the audience. 

Costume #5: Mirror Card
Episode 21: Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories

Above: Whenever Sakura visits her Great Grandfather, she always wear the loveliest dresses, and this dress certainly doesn’t disappoint us! Here, Sakura wears a lovely blue dress with a heart-warming yellow cardigan with floral design. Complete with the headband and laced boots, we are in love with this outfit! 

Costume #4: Aqua Card
Episode 3: Sakura’s Heavy Rain Alert


Above: This frog costume is one of the most creative costumes in the Clear Card arc. Not only is it a rather cute onesie costume for Sakura, but it is also a fitting costume to seal a water-related card.

Costume #3: Spiral Card
Episode 9: Sakura’s Thrilling Aquarium Visit

Above: For many CCS fans, this ‘Spiral’ costume would have triggered memories of another costume with a similar design. *Drum rolls* We’re talking about the jester-inspired costume that Sakura wore during the aquarium episode in which she captures the ‘Watery’ card. Although we do strongly prefer the Kingfisher-blue colour over the light-blue colour, this updated costume has all the essential qualities of a Cardcaptor Sakura costume that we love (e.g. gloves, bells, skirt, hat etc).

Costume #2: Flight Card
Episode 7: Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden

Above: According to Tomoyo, this is her “best work yet” — and we absolutely agree. This costume is no doubt the best costume in the series, and it is a fitting costume for what is considered one of our favourite Clear Card episodes.

The costume gives off nostalgic vibes of the original Cardcaptor Sakura costume designs — it is starry, angelic, princess-like, and perfectly cute. With the combination of the ‘Flight’ card’s charismatic personality, this episode does a great job in capturing every angle of the costume. 

Costume #1: Sakura in her Crystal and Queen of Hearts dress 
Featured in Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Opening 1 and 2

Above: Okay okay, so we’re totally aware that these costumes are not part of the actual story (so far, that is) but we can totally wish for it to happen!

When we first saw the Crystal dress in the first opening, we cannot help gushing over its prettiness. The Alice in Wonderland dress is also perfect. As you may or may not know, CLAMP has the tendency to allude to the story of Alice in Wonderland in Cardcaptor Sakura. Is it all a mere coincidence? Or is it heavy foreshadowing? We can only wonder… 

 — END —


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