Geek It! Animation Flashback: Kim Possible


“What’s the sitch?” “Booyah!” “Call me, Beep Me if you wanna reach me!

Do these phrases sound familiar? You know they do! These iconic lines are from none other than … KIM POSSIBLE. 

Till this day, Kim Possible is still classified as one of the best animated series back in the 2000s. Created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, the series originally aired on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.

If you haven’t already guessed, this animated show revolves around high school student Kim Possible. But she’s not your average high school student — she fights criminals and saves the world from destruction as well! 


Aided by her best friend and clumsy sidekick Ron Stoppable; his naked mole rat Rufus; and computer genius Wade — the foursome is known as ‘Team Possible’. On a daily basis, Kim and Ron’s missions primarily require them to thwart the evil plans of mad scientist Dr. Drakken and his sidekick Shego.


Saving the world might be easy for Kim but growing up as a teenager proves to be just as challenging. From schoolwork to self-doubt, Kim struggles with everyday issues just like any other girl. And despite her multiple talents and achievements, she still gets flustered around boys. 


Back in the ’00s, it was a rare sight to have a female protagonist in an animated series. With elements of comedy, action, adventure, drama and romance,  Kim Possible has everything you’d want in a cartoon. Besides promoting healthy messages about feminism and girl-power, we particularly like it how Kim Possible is relatable and appealing to both boys and girls.

Kim Possible became so popular that two TV films based on the show was released:  Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (2003) and Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama (2005). In addition to this, there were various video games and a live-action reboot movie was recently made in 2019 with Sadie Stanley as Kim.


Do you remember Kim Possible? Share your memories and thoughts below!

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