Geek It! Otaku Out and About: Unko Poop Museum in Yokohama

Let’s go to Yokohama’s Unko Museum … also known as the Poop Museum! 
Situated in Yokohama, this Poop Museum doesn’t actually have any real poop on display … except for pastel-coloured, ice-cream-shaped poops. As expected of Japan, Japan sure knows how to make everything weird, wacky, silly, bizarre and everything else in between.
The museum’s bizare nature is immediately revealed when you enter the museum. Just imagine being asked to sit on coloured toilets and make grunting noises. And to everyone’s bewilderment, everyone discovers that we’ve all emitted coloured poops in the toilet bowls — literally.
The entertainment continues when attendees are presented with poop-themed rooms in which you can take selfies and group photos. For instance, you can become a princess and have a tea party consisting of poop-cakes and poop-cupcakes. You can also take a couple photo with your beloved one … sitting together on toilet seats.
While these photo rooms may seem tailored to Instagram users in general, both kids and adults will have a lot of fun no matter what. After taking some silly photos, you can walk around the museum and check out other activities. At this point, you might hear kids screeching their lungs out in order to make the biggest unko possible.
You can also draw artistic representations of your bowel movements on the wall alongside other people’s artworks. In addition to this, you can play some interactive poop games and buy some poop souvenirs to commemorate the overall experience.
If you are expecting creative science about poop and less photogenic activities, then this museum is probably not your cup of tea. However, at the end of the day, the Unko Museum is an immersive experience with all things poop. It’s fun, different and utterly silly — as expected of an exhibition in Japan.
For more info about the museum, visit their site: 
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