Geek It! Cosplay Spotlight: Cosplayer TOMIA

She’s super cute, sweet, and charming. She’s the subject of our Internet affections who could potentially be our real-life waifu. Who is she? She is none other than Korean cosplayer TOMIA herself!

A former member of the infamous Korean cosplay group ‘Spiral Cats’, Tomia spent many years cosplaying with her friends whilst studying as a costume/fashion designer. Now one of Asia’s top superstar cosplayers, Tomia continues to inspire many otaku fans with her cosplay creations and fantastical photoshoots.

Filled with colourful vibrance, softness and a touch of serenity, there is just something mysterious and alluring about Tomia’s cosplay. Is it her dazzling smile? Her soft gaze? Or is it her ethereal beauty?

Cosplay might look simple on the outside but it’s not-so-easy at times. While one can show their love for a certain character through cosplay, the quality of one’s cosplay cannot be achieved if one does not understand the character and/or project the character’s personality through their composure.

For Tomia, she can cosplay any anime character with great ease. From Sword Art Online‘s Asuna to Fate Stay Night‘s Saber to Cardcaptor Sakura‘s Kinomoto Sakura, her cosplays are always spot on and magically phenomenal.

She may be well-known for her super cute anime cosplays but that doesn’t stop her from cosplaying Western characters as well. From Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle to Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, it wouldn’t be surprising if her international profile got boosted because of these additional cosplays.

Can’t get enough of Tomia? Check out Tomia’s official pages below!

World Cosplay:

Facebook fanpage:


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