Geek It! Ctrl+Gaming Review: Piffle


From the people behind Crossy Road and PAC-MAN256 games, Mighty Games-Hipster Whale’s PIFFLE recently celebrated its first birthday in the mobile gaming industry. As an avid fan of the app, we want to share our love for the game. Here we go!

Piffle might look like a complex version of Candy Crush overriden with food and animals but there is more to the game than what it looks on the surface. 

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In this game, the evil Doc Block has kidnapped Waffles the dog as part of his world domination plans. On this journey, you are Piffle — and the goal is to smash Doc Block’s blocks and rescue Waffles. 

As you brave through the different levels, you travel to different lands and see many quirky characters. Using your finger, you flick the Piffle on your phone screen in the direction that you want to aim at and/or bounce off. Whether it be tricky ‘blocks’, explosives, oozes, and lightning charges, the gameplay is fun and easy to navigate around. 


The game doesn’t require too much thinking but you’d be surprised how much wit and strategies you must use in order to win the levels. The more you win, the game will reward you with freebies to help you win more levels down the track. You can also score items to make special Piffle balls to add to your collection. 

However, it is not a real game if the villain doesn’t throw obstacles in your way. Every now and then, Doc Block will randomly appear and create more blocks to intervene you from winning. Unfortunately, if you keep losing and waste your five hearts limit, you will need to play the waiting game to revive your hearts. But if you’re impatient and want to fast-forward time, you can buy time, hearts, coins, and various items at a cost — it’s totally worth it though!

But what we love most about this game is how bright, cute, and colourful everything is. From the adorable sound effects to the characters, we absolutely adore this game. Even after months of on and off gaming, we’re still hooked and keen to conquer all levels. 

So if you’re looking for a new game, we highly recommend you to check Piffle out!

Happy Birthday Piffle! 🙂 

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