Geek It! Anime Newsbyte: Let the countdown begin to Blue Exorcist Season 2!


When BLUE EXORCIST the anime first aired in 2011, the series encountered major success with 25 episodes, an OVA, and a feature film. With the manga still continuing even till this day, fans have been longing for the day to see the rest of the manga come to life.

So when it was announced earlier in the year that Blue Exorcist will be returning for its second season, anime fans were completely over the moon. Fans may ponder “Why are we now only getting the second season — after a four year hiatus?” Being huge fans of Blue Exorcist … we’re totally not complaining!

To be released on January 7th (2017),  the second season will cover the manga story from Volume 5 Chapter 15 –the Kyoto Impure King Arc. A-1 Pictures will be producing the series again, and the story will feature new characters that we haven’t seen before.

Here is the official synopsis:

The story of Blue Exorcist continues with the students of True Cross Academy fighting demons that appear on Earth. However, not all was well when the eye of Fujo-O the Impure King was stolen from True Cross Academy’s secret room. Rin and his friends are then sent to Kyoto to recover the stolen eye in which the second eye is also located. It was up to Ryuji’s family’s mission to protect the eyes at all cost. If both eyes are ever used together, the Impure King, a demonic entity that has left thousands dead in the middle of the 19th century, will be brought back to life.

Are you guys excited?! With less than two weeks to go, we can barely contain our excitement! What better time to binge-watch the first season than … now? To refresh your memory just how awesome Blue Exorcist is, head over to Madman Entertainment‘s AnimeLab [now]! 

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