Geek It! Madman Anime Festival Spotlight: Cosplay at Madfest


Cosplay is a huge aspect of every pop-culture convention nowadays, and it was no different for Madman Anime Festival 2016. For many fans, it was a chance to make new friends; showcase their cosplay talent; and demonstrate their passion for manga and anime as well.

From Love Live! to Sword Art Online cosplayers, it has been an incredible weekend meeting cosplayers from across the country. As huge fans of CLAMP’s works, we found it amusing to see Cardcaptor Sakura‘s Sakura, Tsubasa‘s Sakura, and even Tsubasa‘s Syaoran all on the same day. It’s not often that we see this happening — we wonder if it was a coincidence …? 

Check out CtrlGeekPod’s cosplay gallery below, featuring cosplayer Tomia and other exceptional cosplayers. Which cosplay is your favourite? 

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