Geek It! Spotlight: Cosplay at Madman Anime Festival 2020

persona 5 group

Cosplay is a huge aspect of every pop-culture convention, and it was no different for Anime Festival Sydney 2020. For many fans, it was a chance to make new friends; showcase their cosplay talent; and demonstrate their passion for Japanese manga and anime.

For the first time in years, we did not see Attack on Titan groupies at a pop-culture convention. And also, we might see the occasional Naruto or Love Live cosplayer but it looks like those fandoms are slowly phasing out.

This year, My Hero Academia reigns supreme again with many fans cosplaying fan-favourite characters such as Bakugo and Todoroki. In addition to this, we also saw plenty of Demon Slayer and Persona 5 cosplayers.

Overall, there wasn’t a huge turnout of cosplayers (maybe due to weather conditions?) but for those who attended the convention, they certainly had spirit and passion for the hobby. 

We caught up with some fellow cosplayers at Anime Festival Sydney 2020 — which cosplay is your favourite? 

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