Geek It! Animation Flashback: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


When we think about Halloween, we immediately cast our minds to freaky animated shows back in the ’90s. There was one particular horror series that stood out from the rest — we’re talking about the American animated show, AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS!.

From the same production company that brought you era-defining shows such as Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys, Aaahh!! Real Monsters was no doubt an instant cult classic amongst ’90s kids.


Aaahh!! Real Monsters was like the original Pixar’s Monsters Inc. Focussing on three young monsters— Ickis, Oblina and Krumm — they attend a school for monsters where they learn how to scare humans. With the school hidden in the local city dump, these monsters have the freedom to go out in public (sometimes) and scare humans out of their misery. 

Our three protagonists are perfect examples of such eerie monsters. Often confused with a rabbit, Ickis is the liveliest of the three monsters who can grow in size to scare his victims. Oblina is shaped like an upside-down, black and white candy-cane who likes to scare humans by shape-shifting into various forms. And lastly, Krumm has an overwhelming stench whose eyeballs are not attached to his body. 


Although the show is not as witty or comedic like its ’90s animated rivals, Aaahh!! Real Monsters was still silly, entertaining, and of course, terrifying at times. 

Let’s travel back in time to relive the memories!

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