Geek It! Anime First Impressions: Jingai-san no Yome


Imagine being an ordinary high school student, and you’re chosen to marry to someone … or something. Here is our first impressions of the latest anime short, JINGAI-SAN NO YOME! 

* * * * * *

Meet Hinowa Tomari. He is just an ordinary high school student from Class 1-B. We know he is ordinary because we see him getting ready for school and attending homeroom like any ordinary student. 

While a compilation of these scenes are taking place, we see a teacher meeting with someone (…. or something that is fluffy) who pin-pointedly selects Hinowa’s profile picture.


But just when life still seemed ordinary for Hinowa, something bizarre happens out of the ordinary. Summoned by his homeroom teacher, Hinowa gets informed that he has been chosen to get married.

And before we know it, the ending song comes on, and the audience is gobsmacked just like Hinowa’s final expression. 

There is no denial — these mini anime shorts are becoming the new trend for the anime industry. The concept might seem unconventionally interesting at first, but as a dedicated anime viewer, we strongly prefer anime shows with the standard length time. 


It is such a shame because Jingai-san no Yome’s plot description immediately caught our eye, and the story has so much potential to become a full-fledged anime.

To find out that the episode was only THREE minutes in total, and the ending song was literally more than the story itself, was extremely disappointing. Yes, we should have checked the length, but still, it was very disheartening for us. Not even the super catchy ending song ‘Happy Life Spectacle’ could calm our disappointment.

Nevertheless, now that we know that Jingai-san no Yome is an anime short, we are still mildly curious as to where this anime will take us. Who and what is this creature? Why is Hinowa chosen to get married? Will Hinowa still have an ordinary life after this marriage?

Will we be satisfied with the limited plot on a weekly basis? Guess we’ll have to keep watching and find out!


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