Geek It! Anime Newsbyte: ‘The Boy and The Beast’ coming to Australia & NZ from March 3rd


From the creator of Summer Wars and Wolf Children, Mamoru Hosoda’s THE BOY AND THE BEAST is coming to Australian and NZ cinemas from March 3! 

Set in a world that is divided between the human realm of Tokyo’s Shibuya and the bakemono realm of ‘Jutengai’, we are introduced to an ostracised boy ‘Kyuta’ (Aoi Miyazaki/Shota Sometani) and a bakemono named ‘Kumatetsu’ (Koji Yakusho).

One day, the boy accidentally stumbles upon the bakemono world and encounters the sword-wielding Kumatetsu. Despite defying the laws of nature, this rare encounter soon leads them to many great adventures together as Kyuta ends up becoming Kumatetsu’s apprentice. 

From the very first minute of the trailer, viewers will be intrigued by the familiar modern setting of Shibuya. Rich in motion and vivid colours, we are absolutely delighted that one of our favourite Tokyo cities is coming to life on the big screen, and somehow integrated with the imaginative bakemono realm.

In classic Hosoda fashion, the trailer is seeped with Hosoda’s charm that cannot be missed by anime enthusiasts. Just like many of his previous works, we have no doubt that it will be another incredible film by the mastermind himself. 

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