Geek It! Out &About Spotlight: Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions (Sydney)

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POKEMON SYMPHONIC EVOLUTIONS is the ultimate geek event in recent times, giving Pokemon11148597_849101141822506_2009422672328090874_n fans (old and new) the chance to experience Pokémon like never before.

This was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss, so naturally, our team here at CtrlGeekPod decided to get our geek on and attended the limited Sydney show! Here’s our quick review:

Performed by the Sydney Symphony orchestra, this event relives classic moments from our beloved franchise featuring music from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow to Pokemon X and Y. 

It all begins from our hometown in Pallet town where we kick off our journey as a Pokemon trainer. From the very first moments of choosing our Pokemon to stopping villains from destroying the world, every symphonic moment will strike a chord with fans to the point you will tremble in utmost excitement.

Accompanied by exciting backdrop visuals from the Pokemon video games, the main attraction is none other than the music itself. Bringing these visuals to life, fans will be mesmerised by the variation of melancholic and dramatic moments that we may or may not have encountered throughout the journey.

It is not just the unique experience of watching the music being played in front of us — it was also a nostalgic trip to witness the evolution of the Pokemon game itself. As we progress through the timeline, there is obviously a significant transition from the minimal black and white scale to the vibrant visuals, reminding fans of how far we’ve come as gamers.

And what better way to end the night than having two encore performances of ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ and Pokemon X/Y’s ‘Kiseki’. With all Pokemon fans gathered in one room, it was an unforgettable night as we not only shared great music, but hopes and dreams for the future as well. As lame as it sounds, all fans left the concert wanting more, and possibly a few shed tears. 

For more information, visit the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions website [here]



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