Geek It! Flashback Animation: The Trap Door


Created by British animators Terry Brain and Charlie Mills (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run), THE TRAP DOOR has become a cult favourite and remains one of the most popular shows since the 1980s.

Meet the protagonist Berk, a playdoh-like blue creature who speaks with a West Country accent. Known as the castle’s caretaker, Berk answers to the master of the castle, ‘The Thing Upstairs’, and enjoys cooking with ingredients such as mud, eyeballs, snakes, and worms.

Despite its ‘horror’ content, The Trap Door emphasises on humour and quirkiness. In this scary castle, there lies an ominous trapdoor that Berk is banned from opening. However, in most episodes, Berk accidentally leaves the trap door open, admitting monsters into the castle that range in different shapes, sizes, colours, and powers.

But the most recognisable feature of this show is none other than the classic theme song. Parodying many of Vincent Price’s horror film introductions, the theme song is simple yet catchy and very memorable — even till this day. 

Get spooked by reliving your childhood memories with some episodes below!

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