Geek It! Japanese Film Festival 2015 Countdown: Top 10 JFF films we want to see!

Japanese Film Festival

There is just something about the Japanese film industry that makes each and every film unique. Whether it is a majestic animated film or a bizarre adventure filled with ninjas and superheroes, we are ecstatic to see what the Japanese film industry has in store for its fans. 
To celebrate the launch of the SYDNEY JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL 2015 (November 5-15), we choose our TOP 10 JFF films that we can’t wait to watch!

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Dreading the thought of a new life, Alice wishes she could leave her new town. But after hearing mysterious rumours about a classmate’s disappearance at the hands of ‘Judas’, Alice soon discovers that her new bedroom once belonged to the missing classmate. With her next door neighbour, Hana, convinced that he is still alive, it is up to Alice and Hana to investigate the truth. For more info, click [here]

THE CASE OF ALICE AND HANA looks to be a compelling mix of drama, mystery and slice-of-life. As much as we are intrigued by the story’s concept, we are fascinated by the film’s bold approach to simplified art direction and animation.


From the director of Tokyo Tribe and Why Don’t You Play in Hell, Sion Sono is back in full steam with another horror flick that will entertain fans once again. In TAG, Mitsuko is blessed with bad luck and violent deaths. So when Mitsuko embarks on a school trip, nothing was really out of the norm. For more info, click [here]



With crime and violence on the rise, the Newspaper Man is an ‘online terrorist’ who starts a major crime wave by posting videos online to expose criminals and their wrongdoings. This ultimately catches the attention of Inspector Yoshino, a cybercrime police detective, who begins an investigation that grows into a cat-and-mouse chase. For more info, click [here]

A true representation of our society, PROPHECY will no doubt strike a chord with viewers. And if that isn’t enough reason for you to watch the film, it shares similar social commentary on crime and media corruption that is often explored in the hit anime series, Death Note.


Tsukimi Kurashita is a jellyfish otaku who has moved to Tokyo to become an illustrator. Whilst trying to save a jellyfish at a pet shop, Tsukimi meets a stylish girl named Kurako – who turns out to be the local politician’s cross-dressing son, Kuranosuke. The pair strikes an unlikely friendship and Kuranosuke (disguised as Kurako) joins Tsukimi and her band of otaku misfits.

However, they soon find themselves in the midst of a redevelopment battle as property developers threaten to knock down their dormitory. It is up to the group to save their home from redevelopment… But what could a group of otakus possibly do? For more info, click [here].

PRINCESS JELLYFISH is without a doubt a ‘feel-good’ film that strongly demonstrates quirky Japanese humour. Involving a male cross-dresser and a group of girls who are obsessed with jellyfish, Princess Jellyfish is a great introduction to Japanese comedy.


When 30-year-old Ichiko Sakurai encounters a younger man, Ryochi Saotome, at a party, she is unsure as to whether or not she should approach him. Thrown into her mind, the audience is welcomed by the sight of Ichiko’s inner thoughts: the chairman, the optimist, the pessimist, the impulsive child and the record-keeper. Together, they have to decide and vote on a final decision that will make or break Ichiko’s future happiness. For more info, click [here].

POISON BERRY IN MY BRAIN appears to be a Japanese take on Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out (2025) — but with a touch of romance. Although we’re unsure about the idea of an older woman approaching a younger man (especially in a Japanese society context), we are curious about the final outcome for the main character.


Hatori is in love with her childhood friend Rita and expects to be together with him. In her head, she is the perfect heroine to Rita in their own little love story. But when he starts dating another girl, Hatori desperately tries to claw her way back into the picture but it seems fate has other plans. Kousuke, the most popular boy in school, has his eyes on her… Which one is her real love fairytale? For more info, click [here].


Aspiring to be a manga artist one day, class genius Akito decides to ask his friend, Moritaka, whether he wants to team up with him or not. Working day and night to make their dream come true, the pair only wants one thing — to create a manga series for Shonen Jump Weekly. But with so many rivals in the market competing for the same dream, will they ever make it? For more info, click [here

Being a manga artist is certainly not as easy as it looks. With so much pressure behind each and every page you produce, only a few can make the dream. BAKUMAN is definitely a must-watch for all hardcore otaku fans out there.


Shun Takahata was just an average Japanese high school student living the ‘boring’ life. But when god-like monsters descend to earth and invading classrooms all over Japan, Shun’s life is turned upside down. Forcing students to play dangerous traditional Japanese games, the aliens are in full control. Should you win the game and receive blessings from the gods, you just might proceed to the next round. Can Shun and his friends make it out alive? For more info, click [here]

We’re all for survival-horror flicks, and AS THE GODS WILL looks like the perfect gore-fest that we have been waiting for. We absolutely cannot wait to see what kind of wild adventure it will take us!


The entire world is a stage and there is a role for each of us to play. Saori is a talented high school student who is stuck in a rut after losing a drama competition with her acting troupe. After the arrival of a mysterious new teacher, she and her troupe are ecstatic to compete in another drama competition. As they train to hone their skills, the troupe goes through many road blocks, but with the help of their teacher and their determination to win, can they achieve their goals? For more info, click [here]


Ichiko is a 32-year-old woman who still lives with her parents and doesn’t have a real job. But despite her dreary life, she enjoys watching Yuji train at a nearby boxing gym. After a series of events, we witness Ichiko’s gradual metamorphosis that is far away from the once-awkward woman she was. For more info, click [here]

With many awards under its belt including Best Film and Best Director at the 2014 Japan Film Professional Awards, 100 YEN LOVE is an indie film that will inspire and awkwardly entertain you with its quirky drama and humour.

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