Geek It! Game Review: Nintendo Presents…New Style Boutique


Title: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutiqueshopnin

Developer: Syn Sophia

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Adventure, Stimulation, Strategy

Review: For those who are obsessed with the glitz and glamour in The Devil Wears Prada or plan to become the next Anna Wintour, Nintendo Presents: New Style HNI_0043Boutique is a game that should definitely be right up your alley! Stepping into the shoes of a fashion stylist, New Style Boutique will empower your drive and creativity so put those fashion mags away and get styling!

From an endless selection of clothing items and accessories, challenge yourself by designing outfits for a variety of customers from dainty outfits to bold to preppy style.

Help your customers find their style and fulfill their spontaneous requests, and before you know it, you will be running your own boutique store after your manager, Lola, 1353040426_3DS_Nintendo_Presents_New_Style_Boutique_ss05has shown you the ropes of fashion styling. And what better way to test your skills than entering the local fashion contest that draws in models and stylists from around the city?

The game is a lot more in-depth than you would think as New Style Boutique shows its audience that being a stylist isn’t as easy as it looks.  Not only do you have to be knowledgeable of the different clothing brands and fashion styling 101 tips, but you will need charisma, creativity, passion and diligence in order to succeed.

HNI_0039You have to constantly restock your items, update your shop’s brand and appearance, and you will need to take the time out to socialise with your customers and fellow colleagues to get in their good books.

Now New Style Boutique is nothing like your dress-up flash games. New Style Boutique simply flaunts sophistication and maturity in every gaming aspect from art design to music to gaming interaction, and because of this, gamers will take the game seriously, especially if you envisage yourself being in the fashion industry one day.HNI_0038

New Style Boutique‘s art design is highly exquisite in particular, and this aspect is a must for any fashion game as it is what attracts and determines the quality of the game.

_-Nintendo-Presents-New-Style-Boutique-3DS-_ (1)From the moment you begin to play, the game confidently puts itself forward with a touch of “Ooh la la” in its stride. Whether it is the gorgeous scenery backdrops or detailed transitional montages, the combination of French-inspired, chic and sophistication in its art design will never fail to charm the girly geek within you.

New Style Boutique is also very easy to navigate around as you can access different features from an ever-expanding map. Players will be able to access their housing apartment, purchase new clothes and HNI_0037accessories at the Exhibition Hall, change their hairstyle and makeup at the local Beautician and Hair Salon, and enter contests at the Contest Hall.

As it is a Nintendo 3DS game, the Nintendo Network allows you to connect to the Fashion Quarter where you can create and s3s1p1access other Web Shops.

Not only can you customise a store front and create three outfits to sell to others, but you can also view the purchases from your shop and see how other wannabe stylists rate your style.

While you’re at the HNI_0035Fashion Quarter, you can also shop for outfits designed by other stylists which is always fun because you’re guaranteed to find and buy new stylish outfits that you have never seen before.

Using the Nintendo Network, gamers can exchange Stylist Cards (via StreetPass) which contains personalised information about your character. Players can also participate in a Wireless Fashion Show where up to four players (via local play) compete to create an outfit that best matches a particular theme or style.

HNI_0023Overall: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique is undoubtedly perfect in every way possible. You get to man your own boutique shop, design outfits, and enter fashion contests….What more could a girl want? This game will definitely inspire young adolescent girls to get their creative juices flowing so if you’re aspiring to enter the fashion industry one day, this game is a must own!

Rating: 9/10

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