Geek It! Out and About: Baseball Experience in Japan


As a fan of all things Japanese, one of our geeky goals was to attend a baseball game in Japan. Personally, we have always been interested in baseball but it was the anime, Ace of Diamond, that rocketed our baseball mania off the charts.

Baseball has become one of Japan’s most popular sports, and it is not hard to see why. During our recent Japan trip back in August, we managed to score last-minute tickets to a match between Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Tokyo Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome Stadium. And boy, what an exhilarating experience. Here’s our recount below! 

japan baseball ticket

Just a heads up, tickets can be purchased on the actual day. However, if you are hoping to attend one of the popular games involving Giants or Hanshin Tigers, then you will definitely need to plan and buy them in advance. Ticket prices vary according to the stadium and your choice of seating, and they go between 1000 Yen to 10000 Yen for a seat.

Since we got last-minute tickets, we had standing tickets meaning we could freely mingle at the top level of the stadium. As we went through a maze of entrances, all we could hear was the thundering sound of cheers and drumming coming from the stadium. We had no idea what the commotion was beyond the walls but the deafening noise literally gave us goosebumps.

giants baseball fans

When we finally reached the standing-viewing area, we were welcomed by a mass sea of fans in orange (Giants) and green colours (Swallows). It is evident that fans like to sit with their favourite team’s crowd, and even if you were impartial, just simply pick a team.

Japanese people are usually perceived to be quiet and reserved in public. So when we first-hand witnessed the fans’ hardcore energy and enthusiasm, we were shocked and proud to be part of the crowd.

As we stood there with the Giants’ fans, it is evident that each team has their own theme song. In addition to this, it can be noted that fans also have a unique song/chant for individual players as well.

From start to finish, you will hear trumpets and taiko drums from various cheer squads across the stadium. Fans will constantly wave towels, streamers, and banners whilst chanting songs in support of their teams.

It was an experience that we will never forget. To be able to watch a baseball game in Japan, this added further depth to our love for Japan. For a list of baseball teams and their stadium location within Japan, you can visit the Nippon Baseball League’s English site.  We hope you get to attend a baseball game in the near future!

— END — 

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