Geek It! Animation Spotlight: Magic School Bus


…Cruisin’ on down Main Street. You’re relaxed and feelin’ Good! (Yeah!), Next thing that you know, You’re seein’…An Octopus in the neighbourhood? Surfin’ On a sound wave! Swingin’ through the stars! (Yee-Ha!) Take a left at your intestine. Take your second right past Mars! On The Magic School Bus!”

Imagine having a batty science teacher like Ms Frizzle and going on wacky excursions every day. Wouldn’t that be the perfect school life?!

THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS is a Canadian-American animated show based on the book series of the same name by Bruce Degen and Joanna Cole.


The Magic School Bus is a fun, creative, colourful and educational show. How is that even possible, you may ask? Well, without Ms Frizzle, Liz the lizard, and the Magic School Bus itself, the show simply cannot go on as they are trio that holds the show together.

Unlike your science lessons at school, the show somehow makes science cool without the mumbo jumbo explanations.


From exploring the human body to flying in outer space, The Magic School Bus makes science fascinating and easy to learn as possible. It is a show that you can never get tired of, and it’s unfortunate that not many kids’ shows follow this suit of educating its audience in the most nerdiest yet coolest fashion.

Want more? Check out the following Magic School Bus episode when they go through Arnold’s body!


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