Geek It! Animation Flashback: GOGS!

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Back in the ’90s, many kids were blessed with a variety of animated shows. From aliens to moving fruits to crazy animals living their everyday lives, ’90s kids were living the good entertainment life.

Out of all the heartfelt and crazy animated series, there was a cartoon that distinctively stood out. We’re talking about the claymation series — ‘GOGS!’

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Originally aired on Welsh television in 1993, it soon made its way to UK in 1996 and beyond. Gogs! comically revolves around a family of dumb, primitive cavemen set in the Stone Age setting. 

The depiction of the family’s daily struggle for survival may seem mundane but it fascinatingly makes us question about life. How did cavemen live back then? How did they react to strange and inexplicable events? 

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At the same time, they also have to avoid the perils of getting eaten by prehistoric dinosaurs, mammals, giant insects, and man-eating plants. That’s not all –they also have to live alongside volcanoes that are constantly erupting and dodge frequent thunderstorms and earthquakes. 

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As expected of a story about cavemen, the characters do not talk. Instead they communicate with grunts, roars, screams, burps and farts, and overly exaggerated facial expressions.

Complete with plenty of gross situations such as wrestling, urinating, vomitting and bashing each other with clubs, the show is pretty heavy on the dark comedy and slapstick violence — in a cartoon way, obviously. 

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An interesting tidbit: Cogs! was actually used as the basis for DreamWorks’ animated movie ‘The Croods‘.

If you have a fondness for claymation and/or a love for quirky cartoons, we highly recommend COGS!. Go ahead and watch the first episode below:


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