Geek It! Anime: First Impressions / Off the Record: Yotsuiro Biyori



Imagine a cafe-restaurant hosted by a group of handsome guys. Surrounded by lush nature and situated away from the bustling city, what more can anyone ask for?

It has been awhile since we last watched a slice-of-life anime, especially when it revolves around food or a restaurant in general. So when our eyes lingered on one of this season’s latest offerings, Yotsuiro Biyori, there was something sweetly enticing about the series that stirred our curiosity (or it could have been just the handsome guys).

In our next Off the Record corner, we discuss our first impressions of YOTSUIRO BIYORI based on Episode 1! 


 * * * * * * * *

Welcome to Rokuhoudou! Located in the corner of the city, this Japanese-style teahouse is popular thanks to the efforts of four gentlemen: Sui the shop manager who specialises in brewing tea; Gure creates latte art; Tsubaki makes the desserts; and Tokitaka cooks.


From the moment a customer walks into the teahouse, the team was ready to serve them with a smile. Not only do they offer delicious food and impeccable customer service, but they are also willing to lend a helping hand as well. Whether it is motivating customers or offering a getaway from reality, it is the teahouse’s mission to make customers feel at home during their stay at the cafe. 

First Impressions Rating: C

…And that’s pretty much it. While we do appreciate a slice-of-life anime that presents a compilation of stories that is soothing for the soul, Yotsuiro Biyori is too simple for our liking. 

Although we do understand that the show is meant to be the way it is, the anime ultimately demonstrates a lack of direction in its storytelling. Unfortunately, we’re personally the type of viewer that demands a series of events to occur over a period of time.

We want character development, drama between characters, and various challenges to arise in order to test the characters. In essence, we want a story with substance that guarantees our viewing longevity.


To be honest, the first episode of Yotsuiro Biyori felt like a food-fest as we spent a majority of our time vicariously watching customers order food and eating their food in delight.

And as expected of an anime that focuses on food, the food presentation in Yotsuiro Biyori is on point. Bunny lattes and sakura-matcha desserts….we quickly went weak against its supreme powers. 

So as the first episode of Yotsuiro Biyori concludes, the customers (and the audience as well) can unanimously agree on two things: 1) we now have major cravings for Japanese desserts and 2) we want to visit Rokuhoudou as well.

However, we would rather visit this cafe in real life…but not as an anime viewer. With that being said, although we wouldn’t watch Yotsuiro Biyori on a weekly basis, we would consider watching the anime every now and then just for relaxation.


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