Geek It! Animation: Countdown to Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie trailer!


Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie might be slated for November 23rd release — but that doesn’t mean we can’t start counting down to the very first trailer!

Get your ’90s mania on – The FIRST trailer of Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie will be showing at this year’s New York ComicCon on Friday, October 6th! 

For those who don’t know, Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is a two-hour TV movie that picks up from where the original series ended in 2004. With many unanswered questions such as the whereabouts of his missing parents and how Arnold feels about Helga — it’s no wonder that Hey Arnold hype is going off the charts! 

Joining the bandwagon, we’ve got a bunch of videos that will serve as entertainment while waiting for the trailer! Enjoy! 

In this video feature produced by A Great Big Story, the creator of Hey Arnold, Craig Bartlett, talks about the origin of Arnold’s character design, and how he received some tips from The Simpsons creator (and brother-in-law) Matt Groening. Bartlett also talks about Pigeon Man theories; the city of Hillwood; and Arnold’s badass bedroom.

(On side note: we are totally loving Craig’s couch and cushions!)

A few months ago, Craig Bartlett and the cast of Hey Arnold screened an exclusive clip of the upcoming movie at San Diego ComicCon. In this clip, it shows Arnold’s family and friends surprising Arnold with a short film that shows Arnold’s goodness and what he has done for the neighbourhood. Filled with heartfelt moments and good character moments, the clip is a good reminder as to why Hey Arnold is treasured dearly by many ’90s fans.

As part of the Hey Arnold mania at SDCC, Craig gives us an exclusive tour of Helga’s room featuring her Arnold shrine and collectables. We love how passionate Craig is 🙂

Check out these Hey Arnold AV Club interviews with Craig, and the original voices of Helga (Francesca Marie Smith) and Phoebe (Anndi McAfee). What we found extremely enlightening was that Francesca and Anndi had to re-audition for their roles — and we like it how Craig had to fight for them. 

If you still have a bit of time on your hands, it’s good to get the low-down on the history of Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. Despite the movie’s complicated history, this fan-made video has done a great job in creating a compact timeline of events. We hope fans learn some valuable insight into the making of this movie — a movie that could not have been possible if it weren’t for the fans’ ongoing enthusiasm and rigorous campaigning. 

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