Geek It! Anime Newsbyte: Boruto the anime begins in April 2017!


Listen up Naruto fans! For those who have been wondering, BORUTO will finally have its very own anime series! With the announcement being made at 2017 Jump Festa in Japan, the upcoming Boruto anime series is set to premiere in April 2017. 

This may not come as huge news for many fans but it is rather surprising to see that things are already in motion. Although no information has been released, the anime will most likely cover contents of Kishimoto’s Boruto the manga. While we’re super happy about this announcement, we cannot help but wonder how the series will work. Till now, Boruto the manga has focussed on retelling the story of Boruto the Movie. Will there be enough manga material to be adapted before April 2017? Or will the series be based on new material that diverts from the manga? 

In the meantime, get hyped with the teaser trailer below! For more information, you can check out the Japanese website [here]


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