Geek It! Anime Newsbyte: One Week Friends live-action film debuts first trailer

Anime live-action films is the latest craze in Japan, and joining the queue is Isshuukan Friends which is based on Matcha Hazuki’s manga series One Week Friends.

For those who haven’t heard of One Week Friends, the plot revolves around high school student, Yuki, who wants to be friends with his schoolmate, Kaori. To his surprise, she refuses his offer of friendship as her memories disappear and start afresh every seven days. However, that wasn’t going to stop Yuki from approaching Kaori every week.

Directed by Shosuke Murakami (Barefoot Gen, Water Boys, Akai Ito), Isshuukan Friends‘ leading couple is played by Haruna Kawaguchi (Ouran High School Host Club, Say I Love You) and Kento Yamazaki (Orange, Death Note, Your Lie in April).

Isshuukan Friends looks to be another emotional adolescent film that is sure to trigger floodworks. What we found interesting about this film was that Kento Yamazaki has been chosen for the role of Yuki.

With all these recent live-action anime films in the market, there appears to be a great demand for Yamazaki to play the leading male role. However, we’re not talking about the usual handsome, brooding roles. The character of Yuki is quite dorky, and to see Yamazaki capturing Yuki’s personality with great ease somewhat surprises us.

Isshuukan Friends is set to premiere in Japan in February 2017. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!


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