[DVD] Anime Review: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

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Welcome to this shoujo story about a girl who hates a boy, and the boy hates the girl. Sounds familiar? No, this isn’t your typical Pride and Prejudice story. This is the story of WOLF GIRL AND BLACK PRINCE.

Just like any high school student, Erika simply wants to be accepted by her peers. So when she decides to approach two sophisticated girls in her class, she accidentally lies about having a boyfriend in order to impress them. Lies after lies, Erika quickly transforms into ‘Wolf Girl’, telling tall tales about her so-called boyfriend.

Taking a random photo of a guy, she shows off her boyfriend as a form of proof. Little did she know that the guy, Kyoya Sata, actually goes to her school, and is none other than the ‘Prince’ who is beloved by all girls at school. Just when her lies were about to be exposed, Kyoya agrees to help Erika by pretending to be her fake boyfriend….but on one condition. Erika must act like his pet dog. Literally.

maxresdefault-109In what could have been the perfect romantic ending for Erika, Erika’s life turned upside down for the worst.

Behind the charming exterior, Kyoya is a sadistic, masochistic Black Prince that preys on Erika’s weaknesses. Yet, even after Kyoya’s cruel demeanour towards her, Erika finds herself falling for him against her will — something she never imagined in a million years.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a shoujo romance without its complications and silly misunderstandings between the characters. All in all, Kyoya is a highly compelling character. Shielding his raw personality from the world, Kyoya’s obsession of being in control may come across as extreme and disturbing at times. 


However, Kyoya is no more than a male tsundere under the guise of a sadist. Fluctuating between his Prince Charming and Black Prince personalities, Erika perceives Kyoya’s behaviour as a form of torture to pass time. What actions are genuine? What is pretend? Can there actually be something real between Erika and Kyoya?

Stringing Erika’s emotions to his heart’s content, the story stretched longer than the audience would have liked. As the boundaries begin to blur in this poisonous relationship, even the audience becomes confused over this relationship. Will it end happily ever after for Erika?

featureWolf-Girl-And-Black-Prince-1024x576Drama after drama and heartache after heartache, fans will find themselves invested in this romance. Despite this positive response, Wolf Girl and Black Prince surprisingly has a few notable downfalls.

 Character design is fairly standard, along with everything else such as animation and music. While character development is not the series’ strongest suit, the story offers a decent (yet inconsistent) amount of insight into Erika and Kyoya’s mindsets. And last but not least, it wouldn’t be surprising if fans criticised Wolf Girl and Black Prince for its originality. Bearing likenesses to series such as Kaichou wa Maid-Sama and Say I Love You, this perception would have affected fans’ approach to Wolf Girl and Black Prince in some way. 

Overall: At the end of the day, nothing is more important than a great story. the black princeWOLF GIRL AND BLACK PRINCE may not be your typical romcom with cheesy lines and fairy lights but it is the unconventional nature of the plot that ultimately drives the story home.

Even if the story can be ridiculous and strenuously heart-aching at times, this twisted relationship between Erika and Kyoya was strangely amusing to watch. For those whom are into romantic comedies, Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a must watch!


RATING: 8.5/10

2 Comments on [DVD] Anime Review: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

  1. I really find this one uncomfortable as a romance because of how Kyoya treats Erika early on. Regardless of his reasons, this was not a healthy relationship for Erika to get into. It’s definitely amusing and the end of the story works but afterward you are just left feeling bad for Erika.


    • Agree , it certainly wasn’t healthy at all. However, i think the unrequited love situation is something that many girls could relate to, esp during high school. Same thing with boys being unable to express their feelings and trying to put a cool front on it. Still, erika is admirable for having the perseverance right till the very end

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