Geek It! Random Geek: Downton Abbey Meets Star Wars, One Man Disney Movie, Cardcaptor Sakura in 3D


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WHEN ODD FANDOMS CLASH: Downton Abbey Meets Star Wars

Star Wars + Downton Abbey? What? In this Downton Wars video, we see Rob James-Collier (Thomas) and Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates) frolicking around the set of Downton Abbey … with lightsabers. In this 16-minute video, we see both characters duelling it out in the most epic fashion that even the most casual Downton Abbey fan would enjoy. But of course, none of the action can surpass a cameo by Dame Maggie Smith. Maggie Smith with a lightsaber? Yes, please!

A DREAM COME TRUE: One Man Disney Movie

Nick Pitera has been a huge Disney fan since he was a young boy. As the years went by, he continues to hone his talent by perfecting his voice impersonations of various Disney characters. From Hercules to Mulan to Lion King, Nick Pitera will wow you with his amazing talent.

REVAMPED IN 3D: Cardcaptor Sakura opening in 3D animation

With Cardcaptor Sakura’s 20th anniversary just around the corner, it would be no surprise if there was going to be another adaptation for today’s modern audience. While we personally think the series is a classic itself and needs no revamping, here is a different take on the series. Done by Youtuber ‘Tomo Asks‘, he has recreated the CCS opening theme in 3D using animation program ‘Blender’. What do you guys think?

DESSERT TIME: Disney Pixar characters … in pancake form!

Featuring over 75+ Disney-Pixar characters, DrDanCakes has once again wowed us with his pancake-making talent. But how can one possibly eat them? The pancakes are too cute to be eaten!

GEEKIN’ OVER HEY ARNOLD: Arnold’s Bedroom 3D Animation Walkthrough

With its awesome glass ceiling and fold-out lounge, we all wished for a bedroom exactly like Arnold’s (Hey Arnold). Done in Blender, this fan has recreated Arnold’s room in great 3D detail. Check it out! 

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