Geek It! Random Geek: If real life was an anime & Anime’s Got Talent

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OTAKU MADNESS: If real life was like anime

Being an otaku is a way of life, so when our lives are fuelled by anime, it is no surprise that we take on board anime-like traits and behaviours. Don’t get what we mean? Watch the video above to find out! 

WHEN 2D MEETS 3D: Tribute to Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki 

Just like any aspiring animator out there, Animator “Dono” has demonstrated his love for Studio Ghibli by taking his time to create a tribute for Hayao Miyazaki — aka one of the world’s greatest animators in history. Clipping characters out from various Ghibli films and placing them into beautiful 3D backdrops, Dono has created something that is absolutely mesmerising.

Just imagine all the time and effort that took him to assemble the animation together! If this animation isn’t enough to prove a fan’s absolute devotion to Miyazaki, then we don’t know what is. To view the original HQ video:

WHEN ANIME MEETS TV: Anime’s Got Talent

Forget about American reality TV shows — it’s time for Anime’s Got Talent!! In this Japan Expo 2015 AMV Contest video, we see a massive line-up of super talented anime characters vying for the judges’ vote.

With many different personalities competing on the show including Naruto (Naruto Shippuden) and Luffy (One Piece), it is no wonder why people love the world of Japanese animation and its characters. Everything about this video was done remarkably well and it’s hard to believe that it was created within a two-months time-frame. 

THE FUTURE OF DANCE: Japanese Techno Mime Group’s futuristic performance

When you think you’ve seen every type of dance performance on reality TV shows, think again! A dance troupe from Japan combine miming, visual effects, and electro music in this incredible illusion performance. You better believe it! 

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Japanese Nissin Cup noodle commercial

In true Japanese fashion, Japan’s popular noodle brand, Japanese Nissin Cup Noodle, has decided to go for the Sailor Moon approach with its recent advertisement. If you watch the video compilation, not only does it show a cute Japanese girl embracing magical girl qualities… but an old man as well! 

2 Comments on Geek It! Random Geek: If real life was an anime & Anime’s Got Talent

  1. Is anime’s got talent a real show or just one video? I can’t find anything online other than that video for it.


    • Hey Mari 🙂 Unfortunately, that video was just a fan-made video using” X Got Talent” concept. If only it was real 😦 , otherwise it would’ve been a really cool series to watch!


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