Anime Newsbyte: BORUTO the Movie strikes again with the full trailer


Not too long after the first teaser, BORUTO THE MOVIE has got the otaku interwebz talking again with its recent release of the full trailer.

In this official trailer, we see Boruto causing chaos within the academy and rebelling against his parents Naruto and Hinata. As seen all over Hinata’s face, Boruto’s rebellion is probably every parent’s nightmare, and to make it worse for Naruto’s ego, Boruto goes off asking Naruto’s rival, Sasuke, to become his mentor.

His purpose? To defeat his father. Although Naruto is Hokage whom is admired by the villagers, Sasuke is also admired in many people’s eyes for his involvement in the Great War. When you think about it, Boruto’s request was expected in the long run but what makes the story interesting was the fact that Sasuke agreed to become Boruto’s mentor.

Like father, like son, we witness Boruto struggling to adjust to the concept of a technique that Sasuke has shown him. In the meantime, we see Sarada in action and using the fearsome Sharingan eyes. With new villains threatening the safety of Konoha, Boruto must train hard to help Naruto and Sasuke take down the new threat.

In the most shocking twist, not only do we see Boruto wielding Sasuke’s Chidori …but Naruto’s Rasengan as well?! Our thoughts? Boruto is fast-tracking to become a great ninja within the Konoha village. However, let’s hope there are reasons behind his bratty behaviour as he is simply not making a good impression on Naruto fans at the moment. We hope Sarada gets plenty of on-screen time as well — after all, she is Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter. 

Let us know what you think of the trailer below!


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