Geek It! Random Geek: DBZ Stop Motion, Prehistoric Hey Arnold, Sims in Real Life


Here’s our latest edition of random geeky videos for your entertainment! Enjoy! 

* * * * * *

AWESOMENESS feat. 90s: Piccolo vs Trunks… in the most epic way!

We’re hardcore fans of the 90s — it’s only natural that we love our DragonBall Z.  So when we came across this AMAZING stop motion animation featuring Trunks and Piccolo, we absolutely died from its awesomeness. Just think of the amount of time and effort that was put into this video!

JAPANESE COOKING: Tempura shrimp in seconds

From their obsession with Hello Kitty to crazy game shows, Japan is best known for their eccentricity. Almost Mythbusters-inspired, this video shows Japanese ‘scientists’ creating tempura shrimp … in three seconds. We shouldn’t be surprised but how can you not be wowed by this odd experimental cooking?

LEET LEVEL: Super (Mario) violinist

When gamers take their obsession to the next level — literally. If you ever lose audio on your console and/or you’re looking for a different kind of challenge, this is it.

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: The Sims in real life

We love the concept of playing god in The Sims. As hardcore fans, we love designing houses from scratch, creating relationships, and just simply interacting with our characters. We found this parody quite ingenious as it mocks the game in a hilarious-but-truthful way. If we were the Sims, we sure wouldn’t like it one bit!


Behold! This is the first stop motion animation video created with 1000 coffee cups! Not only will this video make you want a cup of coffee but it will make you smile as well.

BEFORE IT BECAME POPULAR: Hey Arnold as a claymation series

As you may or may not know, Hey Arnold actually began as a claymation series before it became a mainstream Nickelodeon show. Although Arnold and his friends look a tad scary in these shorts, it is amazing to see how it all began for our precious football head. 


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