Geek It! Doraemon Movie, Action Movie Kid, Dancing Squid, What’s a Walkman?

THE AWESOMENESS: Move over Spiderman and Batman — Action Movie Kid is here!

Action Movie Kid has been making headlines for the past few weeks, and he is exactly what his name implies — Action Movie Kid. Young James isn’t your ordinary three-year-old. He wields lightsabers, jumps over erupting lava, and he can even time-travel! And this wouldn’t be possible without the epic editing skills by his dad, Daniel Hashimoto. And if you were wondering, Mr Hashimoto is actually an animator from Dreamworks Animation. We totes vote him for Best Dad of 2014!

THE WEIRD: The Squid is moving..It’s alive!!

The video pretty much says it all but we must answer the question: is the squid alive or dead? A bunch of scientists over at Discovery deconstructs the video in an attempt to explain the dancing squid.


As a ’90s represent, we could not help but laugh at the kids’ reactions throughout this video. It’s amazing how far technology has come, and it makes us wonder what great technology will be presented to us in the distant future…

FOR THE OTAKU: Doraemon the Movie

Directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi, Stand by Me Doraemon is an upcoming 2014 Japanese 3D animated film based on the manga series. It will follow the tale of how Doraemon must leave his longtime best friend. With an industry that is currently occupied by films based on manga and anime series, this movie is a breath of fresh air as its art and 3D animation style is distinctly vibrant and unique. Looks like this movie is a must-see for all otakus out there!

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