Geek It! It’s finally here … Animator vs Animation IV !


Animator vs Animation. One of the greatest viral animations in recent history.

It has been three long years since the release of Animator vs Animation 3, and behold …. Animator vs. Animation 4 is finally here!

What were our expectations of Animator vs Animation IV? 

Here at CtrlGeekGirl, we have been huge fans of Alan Becker’s Animator vs Animator since we were teens. The whole concept was witty, creative and innovative….How often do you see something simple as Flash stick figures engaged in a heated battle with the animator? It was an animation project that definitely inspired us (and other animation wannabes) to learn and experiment with Flash. And after all these years of waiting patiently for Animator vs Animation 4, anything, and we mean ~anything, can happen in this installment.

It all came down to this moment, and we knew creator Alan Becker would not disappoint his fans. Our expectations were quite high, and we hoped to see an action-packed sequel with more characters, technological softwares/programs, and of course, more explosives.

Check out the animation below!  


Our final verdict of Animator vs Animation IV? 

For the first time in Animator vs Animation history, the video actually features the animator himself, and can be seen interacting with his computer, the stick figure (aka The Second Coming), and his mobile etc. Since it has been three years since the previous video, we definitely do see some form of time development in this installment. Whether it is the animator using Facebook Messenger (instead of MSN Messenger) or playing Candy Crush (instead of Solitaire), Alan Becker has once again displayed an accurate representation of modern times.

As expected of Animator vs Animation IV, the sequel features the The Second Coming proclaiming revenge on the animator for ‘destroying’ his friends that he befriended with on While it isn’t the highly-explosive climatic battle that we were hoping for, the overall finale was different than what we had imagined it to be — in a good way.

The Second Coming attacks the animator’s social life by hacking into his Facebook account, and attempts to destroy his iPhone which was connected via usb. Travelling back onto the computer, the Second Coming begins drawing animated characters of his own to dismantle the animation interface. To our utmost surprise, the animator has a momentarily lapse where he notices the stick figure’s talent and becomes wistful when he looks at his own creations.

In what appears to be a significant twist, we then see the animator and the stick figure negotiating on a truce where the Second Coming has to assist the animator with his animation, and in return, the animator allows the Second Coming to be with his friends forever. In short, one cannot survive without the other, and this concept will no doubt emotionally captivate its fans as we witness them working together to create something truly beautiful when they set aside their differences.

Animator vs Animation 4 has been a worthy wait but with a happy ending for both the animator and the Second Coming… does this spell the end for the series? It seems fitting that this would be the last installment but we do hope we’ll get to see more videos in the near future. Who knows, maybe the Second Coming will revert to its old ways …

For those who may have missed it, Ctrl+GeekGirl got the chance to interview the one and only Alan Becker (aka the creator of Animator vs Animation) back in March 2014. You can read the interview here.

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